S5E3 — “What’s the point?”

1 min readJul 21, 2022


Have I been wrong?
Am I not worthy of what I believe?
Am I not enough yet for any simple thing?
What on Earth do you have yet to teach me?…
When will this chapter end?
Am I the one to blame?
Did I make the wrong choices?

I find revolting that the ones capable to bring so much to this world tend to have the most difficult challenges.
What a pity, that a good heart, the principles that stop one from growing over others, to choose love over money, friendship over job, are the things that keep the best of us shadowed.
If only a few could break through this vicious cycle, and reach out their hands to help one another…
But the world belongs to the heartless, the greedy, the soulless, the evil, the arrogant, the careless.

If so. Then what’s the point?

“What is pure cannot ever be shadowed nor corrupted.
That’s the breakthrough.”

11th February 2022




It doesn’t matter my name, where I’m from, nor how I came here. Like you, I’m searching. Lost in this world, with so much to speak up, but no one to listen.