S5E8 — “Clarity”

2 min readJul 21, 2022


I can finally see again
The yellow rays lighting
The life fueled greens.
In the plants water steams.

The sky never felt so blue
Hiding the stars at day,
Nor so comforting
As it reveals them at night.

I can sense the air around
Of in visible particles
Once they turn to sound.
Energy that sparkles!

A presence touches my skin.
I feel finally seen.
My body always has been
Made to understand the wind.

Somewhere in the sky
Clouds heavenly form,
With their ever arbitrary
Ways to tell who had them born.

Summer scents
Of fresh warm, salt grains,
Looking at what never ends.
Could please me for tens.

Then all waves turn crystal clear
Into my ears, so musically,
Breaking through my calamity.
The bliss was never so near.

Life’s rays blossoming from flowers
Makes it all so refreshing.
To absorb these healing powers
For eternity will be a blessing.

The warmth of the sun
Is arguing with the cold
Of the last Winters.
Together they are one
And I just behold.
This soul now glitters.

Water falls down my skin,
Drawing all these curves,
Cleansing, as I breathe in,
Of all the concerns.

A mirrored image
Is glancing me back
Revealing that mirage
That’s starting to crack.

Eyes drive me in, so dauting,
Have the lightest brown I’ve ever seen.

Lips are a sight, of course halting
A smile that could free the darkest night.

It’s a comfort to get this far
To love all that you are.

27 Junho 2022




It doesn’t matter my name, where I’m from, nor how I came here. Like you, I’m searching. Lost in this world, with so much to speak up, but no one to listen.